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Yajiang Certification Center (EMC Lab and Soundproof Testing System) Upgrade

“Own idea of lighting”. High quality is the life of one company, we are always strict with the quality control and the customer’s feeling on the products. Nowadays, Yajiang purchased the advanced testing equipment, upgraded the current certification center again: EMC lab and Soundproof testing system. It is a leading direction in this business line, taking around 3months to upgrade.

Yajiang small tips:

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

It means that the device or system runs well in the electromagnetic environment, and will not have the ability to create the unacceptable electromagnetic influence for other device.

Soudproof Testing System

It is a special lab for the acoustic system testing, and it is an important part for the testing system, its’ acoustic performance can affect the accuracy of the test directly.

The new soundproof room is made of construction wall with strong sound absorption ability, makes sure it can get a very good acoustic performance, reduces the environment noise from 43dB to 30dB, brings a best testing environment!

The indoor fixtures noise level should be less than 50dB(A), while Yajaing engineer tested their indoor fixtures are less than 40dB.

Every day, we will be influenced by the electromagnetic easily. The mobile signal, other fixture signal, the natural electromagnetic wave can influence the fixtures running as well. Many countries have set a standard stipulate for the EMC already, such as Europe, America, Japan, Australia and so on. 

Yajaing updates the whole EMC lab, can prevent the signal completely, to avoid any influence for the accuracy test result. Using the international advanced testing equipment, brings a strong hardware support for the accuracy test result; EMC engineers with rich experience, provide a strong “software support” for the smooth test procedure; implementation of international standardization laboratory management system, matching the international certification standards to ensure the best accuracy testing services

The mobile without any signal after enter the EMC room.

To keep the high quality control, Yajiang keep updating the advanced new production equipment, testing equipment, hoping to be the top leading in this business line. Yajaing will keep being strict with for the high quality control, and will keep the company spirit “Own idea of light” in mind, keep moving forward to the global leading LED lighting company.