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EIDOLON |The light of Jiangcheng, Yajiang witnesses with you

Wuhan, referred as “Han”, is also called “Jiangcheng” and has the reputation of “Oriental Chicago”. Wuhan is a majestic military city in people's impression. The Wuchang Uprising, as the beginning of the 1911 Revolution, has important historical significance. In October 2019, the 7th World Military Games will once again refresh Wuhan's historical significance, handing a new business card to the world and becoming a city of glory, and this glory is indispensable for the city's architectural landscape. Therefore. On August 17, City Lighting Network hosted a forum on smart lighting and urban lighting at the Laisi International Hotel in Wuhan. Yajiang Optoelectronics was invited to attend and gave suggestions for urban landscape lighting.

Mr. Qing Zhe, our marketing director, gave aEIDOLONspeech in this forum, from the subtle imagination of the precise projection, the innovative application of LED waterproof projection lamps, different colors and the light that can be breathed to explain that light as the air, whether it is visible or invisible, always with us. The presentation also shared star products, classic project cases and based on this, he also detailed analysis the importance of creating an optimal light environment.

After the speech, Yajiang as one of the guests in the discussion and exchange session, was invited to participate in the discussion and communication session to further communication and shared experiences. Such as what are the highlights of Wuhan nightscape lighting, what are the requirements for landscape lighting, what kind of literacy a designer should have, etc. 

In the on-site enterprise product display area, Yajiang displayed the latest products for everyone, and the on-site professional knowledge explanation service made the guests and the audience praise.

Yajiang is advancing with the city and is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the lighting of the urban architectural landscape. The light of Jiangcheng, Yajiang look forward to witnessing with you!