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What kind of the technology of “CCS”?

What kind of the technology of “CCS”?

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to the landscape lighting, and like to enjoy that “Our city our home is more and more beautiful!”, there are some voices in this landscape lighting field, we don’t talk about the economy & politics, let’s talk about the technology inside.


▲The night scene lighting is basically achieved by the point light source, linear light source and spot light source.

▲Single color for point light source

If it is the only single LED source, in general, the photochromic is stationary, whatever dimming to more brightness or darker, it is changing nothing.

▲RGB color mixing source

But if it is multicolor, that will be mixing by RGB.

That will be color cast once doing the dimming to darker.

So that you will think “color mixing, as the same as using PS tools, only need to setup the numerical value of RGB, then work”.


▲Color mixing of RGB in PS tools

But, the actual light source wasn’t made by PS tools.

When you give the order “R100 G50 B100”, due to the electric of the led chip are not linear, so that the thermal characteristics are different, at the same time the photochromic will be different, and will be color cast.

Therefore, in the past, many architectural building didn’t use the “gradient” effect, and low-saturation color, all the works can only be used with full power, high saturation, they also choose all red or all blue. It don’t’ have the problem with designer’s aesthetic, actually it is about the technology.

Actually, all of the designer are looking for some technology which like PS tool: whatever the order is R200 or R20, the output photochromic should be the same, only the brightness is different, so that it can achieve the “gradient” and “ low-saturation” effect.

▲Gradient effect case: Karamay convention and exhibition center in SinKiang

▲Low-saturation color case: Liverpool shipping center

This is not the dream, YAJIANG has already help you to achieve : CCS (Color Consistency System), with it, you can do any effect you can’t do before.


Look back the Guangzhou Lighting exhibition, we can see the point light source which built-in the background cloth of Yajiang’s booth and changing the color slowly, and setting the atmosphere.

▲Point light source were made by RGB

Our president Mr. Alex gave the command to the controller when in the interview, all the point source turn to white gradient, we can see that all of them are the same white color, no darker district.      

President Mr. Alex is sharing the technology of CCS

The CCS color management system was pioneered by Yajiang, its working principle is through the wavelength, illuminance, xy axis and color temperature to do the sampling, and then the proofreading compensation is performed by the color consistency algorithm, and the deviation value is corrected, and finally the accurate light color is presented. When the dimming and the power are reduced, the color temperature and the color are not shifted. This management system is like a powerful heart, managing the consistency of color, allowing designers to confidently implement their design.

We also can see other series lighting fixtures, from pixel dot to spot light, all of them built-in the CCS system.

In addition to Yajiang's unique color management technology, other products launched at this Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition are also unique and have been enthusiastically sought after by everyone.

▲Yajiang booth room in Guangzhou Lighting exhibition

Let us review the other outdoor landscape lighting fixture’s technology.

Spot light full power family

As we all know, Yajiang's most familiar products are floodlights, especially in the field of high power, Yajiang's advantages are more obvious. At this exhibition, Yajiang displayed a "family portrait" from 15W to 900W.

▲Different spot light

Yajiang is particularly good at the application of high-power floodlights. For the 900W power floodlights, Yajiang has achieved a 600m illumination height. The application cases include KingKey 100 Building and Shun Hing Square in Shenzhen.

▲Yajiang Flood light application case: Kingkey 100 buidling (441.8 meters)

To achieve such a high illumination distance, it benefits from its large lens design and a 3.5° ultra-narrow beam angle.

What is the lens of a high-power floodlight? Here we go:

▲Attention the size of the coin of five cents RMB

RGBL mixing color technology

Yajiang launched an innovative color mixing technology this year: RGBL, RGB lime, lime stands for lemon yellow, which is different from RGBW color mixing technology, which is a technology that replaces traditional white light with lemon yellow, so that the mixed color gamut is wider. The color is more full and has an advantage in visual performance.

▲Effect: LED White vs LED Lime

Converting all blue into lemon, the single control of the wavelength is more accurate.

At the same time, Yajiang is also very unique in the control of dimming. The whole dimming step is divided into 65536 grades (the traditional dimming technology only divides 254 grades), the dimming effect is smoother, and there is no sense of abruptness in the visual sense.

On-site dimming effect, smooth transition between light and dark

Built-in power supply and no dark area stitching

Yajiang has a built-in power supply technology. When a certain luminaire fails, it is not necessary to remove the entire luminaire. It is only necessary to remove the faulty part and repair it. The failure rate is much lower.

▲Built-in power supply

Outdoor image projection and high power profile

Yajiang launched two revolutionary products at this year's Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition: outdoor imaging projection and outdoor high-power profile.

The framing type of the outdoor profiler is generally used in exhibition halls and museums, and the display items are highlighted by framing the spot into a specific shape. There are many applications in the room, but it is very rare in outdoor applications. It is enough to solve the problem of waterproof, dustproof and heat dissipation. This lighting fixture is good at framing.

Yajiang outdoor profiler demo

There is also a lighting fixture that is an outdoor image projection. In fact, it can also be understood as a computer light with waterproof, dustproof and good heat dissipation. Yajiang will start to become more delicate and refined in outdoor lighting, and bid farewell to a traditional spotlight in the world.

▲Outdoor image projection’s effect with logo

In fact, we can see that Yajiang, as an old-fashioned outdoor lighting brand, is very powerful in the color management technology ,and has also served the world's most iconic buildings, hoping to serve in this wave of night scenes in China. Good designer, creating beautiful design works.