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2018 International Lighting Exhibition was completed successfully, Yajiang photoelectric keep on moving forward with you.

The 4 days of 23rdInternational Lighting Exhibition was ended on June 12, 2018 in Guangzhou Import and Export Exhibition Hall. Yajiang won high praise by newest products and technology and was impressed by the interactive activities. 




There are thousands of visitors came to see Yajiang booth during the exhibition time, professional team served each visitor well, so they can understand Yajiang Photoelectric products and technology comprehensively. With outstanding product, professional team and advanced lighting concept, Yajiang offered all the visitors a visual feast to enjoy.

Yajiang Photoelectric was not only popular at the exhibition, but also many customers came to see our company headquarter and placed orders.


The honor come from quality and show our strength     

With the excellent product quality and brand reputation, Yajiang Photoelectric won high praise from the market. We also received many awards from enterprise strength, brand building, consumer satisfaction, design innovation, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving aspect. We won Alighting Award and Top Ten Technology award by “CCS color management system”, this is the sixth consecutive years we won the award.

2018 International Lighting Exhibition was ended successfully, showed the strong strength of R&D and advanced technology of Yajiang. We’ll keep moving forward with you and bring more outstanding technology and products to the lighting industry

International Lighting Exhibition Video

At last, we are very grateful for you visit and want to say thank you all very much.

Also thanks for the hard work of Yajiang staff; we had a perfect exhibition due to all your efforts.