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Tornado series presents the latest industrial sophisticated waterproof design and super-compact body, innovational and efficient optic system!


Eidolon series waterproof projection light can image patterns on any medium that is not transparent in the way of light. It can realize colorful dynamic effects by rotating patterns and changing colors. 

Multiple Color

Multiple Color series products can meet the architectural lighting industry's highest standards for optics, structure, control protocol and other aspects of the performance.

Dynamic Color

Dynamic color series uses a narrow angle lens to achieve a supper narrow output beam angle effect and high luminous intensity. 

Dynamic White

Dynamic whiteseries uses a narrow angle lens to achieve a supper narrow output beam angle effect and high luminous intensity.

In-ground Light

Underground lamps of Arctik apply with excellent optical performance, impressive color blending, IP65 and IK10, easy to install and a long serve life.

Control Accessories

Controllers use power box with a direct current and a six-core power cord, which is equipped with photoelectric isolation technology, anti-interference, anti-lightning strike, overload protection and other functions.